Thursday, June 14, 2012

Library pickup/dropoff

At this point the majority of the graphic novels & comics I'm reading come from the Seattle Public Library. I've been trying to balance my list of holds and suspended holds so I don't get overwhelmed by a ton of books at once, but I don't always do the best job. This week I returned a few books and picked up a few more!

Back to the library:
Buffy Omnibus vol. 3 - Not all that fabulous actually, I'm just a sucker for anything Buffy-related.
The Impostor's Daughter - A great read by Laurie Sandell, this book tells the story of her troubled relationship with her untruthful father and with herself.
Fables 9: Sons of Empire - This series will definitely be getting its own post soon. SO GOOD!! I'm still working my way through Fables, and I'm trying to space it out a bit so I don't devour the stories all at once.
The Last Temptation - This weird little comic is a collaboration between Neil Gaiman and Alice Cooper. I'm a big Gaiman fan, in fact his Sandman was the first comic series I ever owned, and this book sounded interesting. It was intriguing and quite short, very creepy and odd, but nothing special. I think I'd like to explore his other works though.

Picked up at the library:
How I Made it to Eighteen (Tracy White)
Stitches (David Small)
Palestine (Joe Sacco)
a + e 4ever (Ilike Merey)
Epileptic (David B.)

Every time I walk into the library and see a big stack of new comics waiting for me on the shelf I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Fortunately my girlfriend is out of town right now so I have plenty of time to read.

Ready, set... GO!!

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